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This system is mainly used for building three-dimension model of bridge structure including beam bridge, arch bridge, cable-stayed bridge and suspension bridge. The superstructure includes hollow slab, T-shaped beam or I-shaped beam, one-cell box beam, flat hollow box beam, three-cell box beam, steel box beam and combined beam with steel truss and concrete slab .The infrastructure includes U-shaped abutment, light-type abutment, solid pier, thin-wall pier, column pier, tower pier and anchorage and foundation includes spread foundation and pile foundation. The bridge model could have vertical curve and plane curve, attached with truncated cone banking, deck pavement, lane markings, expansion joint, drain pipe, protect barrier, and footpath barrier etc. It can create three-dimension terrain perspective with digital simulated ground information and calculate project amount. It can be connected with bridge layout plotting system and structure finite element analyzing system. This system is a powerful tool to preview the stereoscopic effect and produce three-dimension cartoon of bridge design conveniently. It is also a useful tool for calculation of work amount, arrangement of bridge layout and analysis of bridge structure. The characteristic of this system is its friendly user-interface, convenient operation, advanced technique and strong practicability. With the modeling based on AutoCAD R14, the user can preview three-dimensional effect directly in Windows' environment and expand the database of structure parameter freely. The system is one of the achievements of the key problem of national science and technology research and development projects: National Main Trunk Line Design Integration System Development. It has passed the technical appraisal organized by the Ministry of Transportations and was deemed to have reached the advanced world level in terms of system development technology.

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