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This system is one of the achievements of "Key Technology Research & Development of Humen Suspension Bridge's Superstructure Construction" commissioned by the Ministry of Communications,including the research of construction control and survey of superstructure and the research of steel box-girder segment spanning and erecting program . SBCC is specially used in suspension bridge construction analysis and can be used to analyze the initial position of suspension construction, decide working length of main cable or suspenders, decide cable's initial position in unload state. And it also can be used for real-time tracing and analysis during the course of suspension bridge construction. With the survey results and the parameter identification, you can work out the control point's height, displacement, force and stress at each of the construction phases. This system was actually used in the Humen suspension bridge. The calculation result is well fit to its 1/80 static force model test and the survey at each of the main control stages in the construction. It played an important role in deciding cable's initial position, calculating the non-stress working length of main cable and suspender, analyzing the alignment of the main cable and stiffening girder in steel box beam installation, as well as analysis for loading scheme in the final examination and acceptance of Humen suspension bridge before opened to the traffic. This system has windows interface with good intelligent and highly dynamic visualized. SBCC can be used to conduct retrogressive cycle analysis of suspension bridge with single-span simple support beam, three span simple supported beam or three span continuous stiffening girder. This system is capable of taking into consideration of the gradual formation and transformation of the structural system, loading of structural dead weight by phases,continuous change of construction loads and temperature field, the displacement adjustment between tower top and cable saddle according to the requirement at designated construction phase, the influence of tangent point of main cable and  main cable saddle, the connection of main cable saddle with tower pier, the connection of the other cable saddles with main cable, the connection of stiffening girder with tower pier, the elements' stiffness of the stiffening girder and its dead weight, the influence of tower pier and pile footing's stiffness etc. And it is also capable of calculating the initial state of structure and the internal forces ,stress of structure, coordinates and displacement in each of construction phases.

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